Our Services


Identifying the right college and making sure you get accepted isn’t easy. This complex decision deserves the expertise of a trained counselor with the skill, knowledge, and time to provide you with the informed choices you will need to successfully traverse this major life event.

At Best Four Years, we work with students and their parents, assisting them with each part of the college admission process. This includes helping students choose sensible high school courses and select extracurricular and summer options, so that they can better lay the foundation for future college and career success. We then oversee the entire college application process so that each student’s special and unique talents are adequately highlighted.

We work with students of all ability levels, including those with IEPs and 504 accommodations. We can help you in finding colleges with the best services so that your child is able to successfully transition into college.

Our Services Include:

We will evaluate a student's academic and personal credentials and explain how college admissions counselors will assess his/her application.

We will recommend the best times to take standardized tests and help you determine whether you are best suited for taking the SAT or ACT. We will also determine whether it is appropriate for you to take SAT Subject tests.

We will provide you with a preliminary list of colleges with attention to Best Fit. Our goal is that you are happy with your selection both in and out of the classroom. Remember, in college you are usually only in class for 15 hours a week (unlike 30 hours in high school). We want to make sure your college has the extracurricular activities that you want available for you.

If you receive academic support due to an IEP or 504, we will help you select colleges that provide the accommodations you require.

We encourage college visits and provide materials to help make your trips productive.

If you need tutorial services, we can make recommendations.

When it's time to interview at a college, we will provide the opportunity to practice with us so that you feel confident and prepared.

We will brainstorm with you on the best college essay responses and help you with editing.

We will oversee the application process with an eye on deadlines and look over your applications.

We can suggest summer activities, including pre-college classes.

We are here to help you as an adjunct high school counselor. If you need to speak to an objective adult about issues in school, we are glad to assist you.